Our Philosophy

Active Therapy Approach

We believe that the patient is an active partner in the rehabilitation process. As such, we provide in depth home exercise programs complete with illustrations.
Each exercise program is individual to the person meaning that we do not adopt a cookie cutter approach for each type of injury.

Patient Education

We believe education is the key to a speedy recovery. If a patient does not understand the cause of their injury and how to prevent it from getting worse, their recovery will be slower. We provide education throughout the treatment period ensuring the patient understands their condition.

Treatment Philosophy

We believe in treating the patient first not the payment. We provide the same quality of care to all of our patients. We attempt to treat the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms ensuring faster healing times and preventing future injuries.

Type of treatment

We use a wide spectrum of modalities and manual therapy techniques to help with pain, inflammation and function. We never adopt a strictly passive approach to therapy. This means that we always provide passive physiotherapy.

Multidisciplinary Approach

We love to keep the primary health practitioner informed at all times with up to date progress notes.

Continuous Skill Enhancement

We conduct regular education skill development workshops, we also send our staff for training and up gradation of their skills.